Saturday, July 30, 2011


Don't tell me this.
Don’t tell me to listen
to the wild applause
of one hand clapping.
I need to hear the thunder
and the scream.

Don't tell me that
We are One to begin with.
When I look in your heart                
I'm not there.

Don't tell me this --
That love is just  illusion
The longing in my heart
is real, for real.

Don't tell me that
You are not
What I make you up to be.
I'm not crazy
For loving you the way I do.

Don't tell me this--
That you can't accept my love,
And only in your misery
Will you think of me.
I promise you heaven
In my arms right now.

Don't tell me
You don't love me.
Don't tell me this.
No, don't tell me this.
Please, don't tell me this.
Don't tell me this.
Don't tell me this.
Don't tell me this.

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