Monday, August 1, 2011

Data Liberation

Data liberation is google's term for the ability to free up your data from their products so you can have access to it once you stop using their  service.  No one owns your content and unlocking your data in any of their products should be as easy as uploading it there. 

At least that's the stated goal.

While the term "data liberation," originated by their DLF engineering team, refers to a computing function, I can see that in very short order it's going to morph into a term of art that will be applicable across all technologies. 

But technology doesn't address issues of love... 

...And my love is too big to be tucked away in your inbox, where it  gathers dust and cobwebs outside the steel fa├žade of your cold, unfeeling heart.   I'm liberating my love for you and giving it wings to fly across multiple universes to find the twin You who loves me.   Somewhere in the vast open sea of infinity, my love will land softly in the warm welcome of your doppelganger's embrace.

Free!  I set my love free!  My love is timeless and greater than life itself, and the universe is waiting for me to announce myself.   Here I am --  holding love up to the light, liberated and free!

(Author's note:  This is a snippet of a work in progress.  Any resemblance to any person, place or thing is purely coincidental.)

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