Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gone Green!

Welcome to my hood, zip 94590, Vallejo, California.

The most amazing thing about my neighorhood is the panoramic view of the Bay Area. Lucky me! Vallejo Heights sits on top of the hill overlooking the old Mare Island Naval Station on the west, and on a very clear day, one can see across the glistening San Francisco and San Pablo Bay, all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco landmark Sutro Tower, and Marin County’s Mt. Tamalpais.

Over on the other side of the hill towards the east, one can see Vallejo’s White Slough and on the northeast…ah, Napa -- Wine Country, pride of Northern California!

But the crowning glory of Vallejo Heights is a secret and delightful find – Sheveland Park, the city’s green glory, the perfect paragon of super-environmental friendly engineering and design.

Sheveland Park’s play structure was constructed using 19,434 plastic containers, 19,906 aluminum cans and 8,104 soup cans. This is the city’s recycling program at work. Impressive!

Wheeee! The slide down is a soft landing on trucked-in white sand.

The park is still a very well-kept secret. Very few children play here, and the high school kids seldom hang out. It is a great place to be still and breathe clean air, enjoy the view, write, meditate, or just be.

And when sunset comes... serenity...

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