Saturday, March 29, 2008

Discovering The I Am

“All manifestation of life is from
an invisible to a visible plane,
through a silent, effortless process of
spiritual realization.”
-- Ernest Holmes

In living from day-to-day, I face challenges and come across obstacles big and small. If God were living my day-to-day life, God would merely raise His sights, move aside the challenges, step over the obstacles and move forward, always growing, forever expanding, creating infinite possibilities for greater and greater good.

Nothing is an obstacle in God’s eyes. Aligned with Spirit, I merely lift my sights and look beyond the transgression, to the invisible good that is yet unseen by my physical eyes. With the same ease and grace that God created our manifest universe, so I shall co-create my own new universe.

This is my Second Coming:

Discovering The I Am.


Words For Hire said...

Maya, I eagerly await your posts for I know that your words will spring from the page and grab me forcing me to take note. Your words come alive and my spirit rejoices whenever I read anything you write. Your grace, beauty, warmth, and humor never fail to enlighten, inspire and make me darn glad to say proudly "Yes, I am Woman too."

Thank you Maya for not bottling up this gift but daring it to pour it forth so that we may drink of its nectar.

In fierceness,

Karen :-)

blujay said...

Maya, I always look forward to reading your blog everyday. You are my light and my inspiration! I love you!