Wednesday, December 5, 2007

He said, she said

He said,

"You are a poster child of cyberspace.
A temptress without geography wearing
a watch without numbers.
Here, the big and little hands wind up
on top of one another
motionless and pointing to "soon."
An alignment of the stars 22 days into may
or was it 24 or some other day
or simple happenstance,
a teaser on the screen and barefoot imaginations
running like airplanes in the dewy morning grass,
first two feet, then four."

She said,

"first two feet, then four.
you got me rising, soaring,
roaring, storming
thunderous ecstasy!
between legs meant for dancing
clutching hips meant for thrusting
binding wrists meant for vamping
frenching tongues meant for scatting
now down on the floor, i am --
in overwhelm, overcome,
overgasm, over you."