Monday, December 17, 2007

No Room At The Inn

Without question, one of the most well-known biblical stories is the virgin birth of Jesus Christ to Mary and Joseph. The virgin birth by itself is remarkable enough. Giving birth to the savior of humanity is quite another.

But I won’t push that idea lest anybody think I’m giving primacy to the Christian tradition over any other. I’m of the firm conviction that all religious and spiritual traditions are equal in the eyes of The One -- The One God that each culture worships in its own native nomenclature. God is just way too big to be scrunched under anyone’s religious umbrella. But I digress.

I was awakened to the idea of a metaphysical interpretation of this scriptural story last year during a most inspirational talk by Rev. Andriette Earl, the hip and brilliant Assistant Minister at the East Bay Church of Religious Science on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland, CA, a mega-church member of the United Centers for Spiritual Living. Rev. Andriette transformed Joseph and Mary into real life characters that you and I know well.

Mary could be anyone of us with a shameful secret, a secret so shameful we want to run away from our past and present, a secret so shameful that our families and friends would shun us. I could be Mary with my shameful financial fiascos. You could be Mary with your pattern of failed relationships.

And yet, despite our human weaknesses, we have our very own Joseph who will stand by us no matter the circumstances. Joseph, the loyal hero (or heroine), who, inspite of pressure from peers, or forces from their own stressful lives, will remain steadfast in his or her support of us. I have a Joseph in Chris, my childhood friend who is always there for me no matter how stupid I get. Do you have a Joseph? Are you someone’s Joseph? Are you there for a friend who has fallen and needs you desperately?

Are you willing to see Jesus as that divine idea within you that is borne from your very own shameful secret? Are you willing to allow the transformation of your shame into your own personal savior?

When Joseph and Mary were turned away because there was no room at the inn, they were unforgiven for their “sins.”

In this holiday season and beyond, do you have room in the inn of your heart?

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dinggay said...

a very insightful compassionate article maya. God bless your heart.