Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"The Search" by Donna Miesbach

Last year I embarked on Unity’s "40-Day Program to Awaken Your Soul" and stumbled upon Donna Miesbach's poem, “The Search.” Her words went straight to my heart so I googled her. I wanted to curtsy in her presence and pay tribute. We’ve corresponded a few times since, and I have her permission to reprint her poem here. Donna’s words reveal a beautiful soul who has captured the glimmer of her own godbeing-ness. I'm honored to share it with you.

"Here within the quiet zone of inner space,
I find myself exploring, like those in days of old,
The potential of this vast uncharted sea
That harbors the meaning of existence.

Like all who’ve sought before me,
I can only grope within the confines of my soul,
And yet there seems to be a pull,
A gravitation toward some unseen inner light

that says,

“Here! This is the way!”

And so I follow, fully aware
That no matter where it leads --
This is only the beginning.
I can never exhaust my potential;
Growth is forever.

And even when I’ve changed
To a state light-years away,
I will become yet more,
For it is in the search itself
That truth is revealed
As I encounter
The essence of my identity."

To pay homage to Donna Miesbach, view her life's accomplishments and keep up with her current news, go to http://www.donnamiesbach.com/


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