Thursday, December 13, 2007

Personalities in the Uni-verse of Recycled Relationships

This past Sunday morning while getting ready for the day, I had the tv turned on to PBS. I could hear the distinct tone and tenor of Deepak Chopra wafting in from the living room. I have to confess… everytime I see, hear or read about Deepak Chopra I think to myself, “Him again.” I get so ho-hum everytime I read, hear or see Wayne Dyer. Or Marianne Williamson. Same o’ same o’.

But if truth be told, when I let go of my initial resistance to Deepak, Dyer or Williamson, my spiritual sight is pried open even wider than before, I get epiphanies or startling revelations, and discover insights I would probably never have arrived at on my own.

Deepak was talking about the unity of all life. Okay already. Tell me something I don't know.

“You and I are one with the One,” he said. “We are all made of the same matter as the universe.” He continued, “That’s why it is UNI. It’s one verse, a uni-verse.”

Hmm…interesting thought. On my own, I doodled in my head, “uni-verse, di-verse…”

In the background, Deepak persisted. “We are One with everything. Our breath is recycled air, our blood is recycled blood, and what is our personality but recycled relationships?”

Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech! Halt.

Our personalities are recycled relationships? Our personalities are recycled relationships. We are the sum total of each of our relationships. Oh, my God. I did a quick inventory in my head.

I’m blessed to have an incredibly loving relationship with my family. I have very many dear and supportive friends. But there’s that asshole Brad I had a relationship with not too long ago, and there’s that jerk Gene. I’m carrying character debris from the asshole and the jerk? I’m part asshole and part jerk?



Linda L. said...

I have had 5 serious relationships (with a marriage in between them) since I have been divorced from my longtime husband 15 years ago. They were all recovering alcoholics. Oh, oh .......I'm in deep trouble, no more martini's for me!
Peace and love, Linda L.

Buensalido said...

I know, I know, interconnectedness is hackneyed already. But let's examine that other phrase: "you touched my life" commonly used in deepened relations. But even a homeless woman or man who crosses my path can touch my life, in a way that a Britney Spears won't! When the meaning of my life is validated in those random places or events that I opened myself to could it be that something impacts me, changes me, shapes me? Is this what gets recycled?

Missthang said...

I am doomed!
All my imperfections come out in the relationship I get in to. My insecurities, my regrets, especially my horrible upbringing. Thank god I married someone that could listen to all that…sober He must have issues too! A year ago we brought a child into our lives. Best happiness in my world. I just hope he doesn’t have the same issues I had. I won’t let that happen. Not if I can help it. Besides, he is a man.

girlsinger said...

If we are the sum of all our relationships, then considering we have a formed personality when we are born, then Deepra must be talking about past lives, eh?

Otherwise, I would definitely be a candidate for the looney bin.

raffie said...

Well, if we take a look at the ff. sayings, adages, etc:
"You are who your friends are"..."you are known by the company you keep"...suffice it to say that Deepak is right. For he is about connections, positive energies that passes from one to another. Each person that we meet to make that connection imprints something in us and vice-versa that adds to the formation of who we are, eventually transcending us into deeper level of self evolution. The product of which is self love.

Then goes my favorite saying, "you cannot give love if you ain't got love to give."

marlina said...

on the other hand, maya, when deepak chopra was new and fresh and i was going through chemo, some of his words did resonate.

he does get does dyer...